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Quality Assurance and Process Development

Tech Met uses Six Sigma practices

Tech Met provides a comprehensive quality system compliant to Nadcap and multiple customer specifications in the Aerospace, Military and Medical sectors. Tech Met has maintained Nadcap supplier merit status for AC7108 Chemical Processing since 2002.  

Tech Met is a leader in Lean Sigma methodology, utilizing strict process controls and lean practices throughout our organization. Many critical parameters are automated to maintain high precision, tight tolerances and, to insure repeatability with low variability.  Certified project managers and black belt level six sigma experts are on staff to insure tight operating control and on time delivery.  
Where necessary Process and Material Compliance Testing is conducted by independent, fully accredited outside labs.

All critical processes are managed utilizing six sigma practices

Quality Assurance
Nadcap certifications

Nadcap Accredited

Tech Met is Nadcap Accredited

Tech Met processes controls are built around the Nadcap AS7004 & AS7108 standards.  

Tech Met is an active participant in the Nadcap Chemical Processing task group and supplier support Activities. Tech Met has been a Supplier voting member since 1998 and our representatives have served as leaders and members of the Chemical Milling Sub team and the Standing Action Team respectively. In addition, Tech Met has served as a Supplier voting member of the Aerospace Quality System task group since 2010. Tech Met continues to promote supplier initiatives through active participation in the Nadcap Supplier Support Committee serving on the leadership team for over nine years and continuing as a participant.


  • SAE Aerospace Standard AS7003, AC7004, “Aerospace Quality System”

  • SAE Aerospace Standard AS7108, AC7108, “Chemical Processing”

  • AMS-C-81769, “Specification for the Chemical Milling of Metals”

  • MIL-C-81769, “Specification for the Chemical Milling of Metals”


Materials Processed: Tech Met has experience in processing a wide variety of materials including: 


High Temperature Alloys (Inconels, Hastelloys, etc)

Titanium Alloys including Beta 21S

Aluminum  Alloys

Iron based Alloys

Stainless Steels

Niobium (Columbium)




Copper and Bronze



Additive manufactured metals:


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