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De-can clean removal
decorative milling
Surface milling
selective milling
surface enhancement
surface conditioning
taper milling
Photoresist 3
Surface Milling

Metal Surface Enhancements

surface purification, hi-temp alloy chemical milling

Chemical milling used to remove recast layer from the surface of an EDM metal part.

Surface Conditioning and Purification

Chemical milling can be used to remove unwanted surface conditions such as EDM recast layers, oxidation layers, heat affected layers, Alpha case and metal contamination.

Parts are submerged into carefully monitored chemical baths for precise periods of time to achieve specified depth removal.  Etch rate varies on a number of factors, including the concentration and composition of the etchant, the material, and temperature conditions. 

Download our Titanium Recast removal service bulletin here

Surface Conditioning

Surface Texturing

Surface Texturing

Tech Met has developed (and patented) unique surface texturing processes that can be applied on most materials (including titanium and cobalt chrome) implant devices.  When utilized on implant devices the unique features of these surfaces provide exceptional osseointegration as well as many other advantages over textures.   The distinctive surface textures developed by Tech Met to promote bone on-growth have been adapted to a variety of medical implants as well as other applications requiring enhanced surface for the bonding of metal to composites. 

Surface texturing dramatically improves adhesion and bond strength, surface texturing medical implants, hip implants texturing, surface texturing spinal implants

Surface texturing in medical applications promote rapid and secure bone fixation.

chemical milling thn wall tubing, high temperature alloy chemical milling

Chemical  texturing  increases surface area to dramatically improve adhesion and strength in metal to composite bonding.

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