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Additive Metal Chemical Post-processing

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Whatever your industry, Tech Met has a solution for your metal post processing needs

Post process finishing can make or break the best designs.  Tech Met solutions are designed for aggressive removals within tight tolerances to allow for a uniform surface that permits interpretability while minimizing the risks of hydrogen pick-up and grain boundary attack.  

A key partner in the supply chain of traditionally manufactured aerospace and medical components, Tech Met is uniquely positioned to provide post processing services for additively manufactured metal hardware.
Tech Met began working with 3D printed alloys more than a decade ago to provide advanced methodologies for high quality post processing.  Today, Tech Met is providing chemical milling and surface treatment services for some of the world’s most advanced additive applications including NASA rocket engines.  


Tech Met solutions have been used successfully on medical implants both additive and traditionally machined. Tech Met’s patented and proprietary surfaces promote osteogenesis.

Chemical post processing of internal and external support structures on printed Inconel 718

postprocessing implants1.png

Chemically milled surfaces on titanium implants

Chemical Post processing can improve the quality of parts and ensure that they meet their design specifications. These finishing processes can enhance a part’s surface characteristics, geometric accuracy, aesthetics, mechanical properties, and more.  Some typical applications for Tech Met’s chemical printed alloy surface treatment operations are:

  • Long term fatigue improvement

  • Removal of surface scale

  • Surface roughness reduction

  • Surface preparation for penetrant inspection

  • Removal of internal and external support structures

  • Removal of surface particles and powder entrapment

Download our whitepaper on the advantages of chemical post-process on additive manufactured parts below.

Available today on a wide variety of alloys  and high temperature corrosion resistant alloys including:

  • Titanium alloys

  • Aluminum alloys 

  • Inconels 718 /625

  • Steel alloys

  • Niobium C103

  • Cobalt Chrome Moly

  • Haynes Alloys

  • Hastelloys


As the additive manufacturing industry continues to evolve and mature, Tech Met will continue to take the lead in providing cutting edge solutions.

additive inconel before2.jpg
additive inconel after2.jpg

Chemical post processing of internal and external support structures on printed Inconel 718


Post Processing - A closer look

cocr before.tif
cocr after.tif

Post processing of Cobalt Chrome shows dramatic reduction in surface particles and surface Ra improvement.  The nodules of powder in the left hand view are essentially gone at .008" removal.  Bonded metal structure underneath is now visible in right side view. 

Particle Removal Printed Cobalt Chrome

Tech Met can provide an effective, economical solution for your post processing requirements and is available for a wide variety of high temperature alloys.

Printed A205 Aluminum Alloy  (lPre-etch left view, Post-etch on right )

post processing 3D printed alloys, printed part finishing, surface treatment printed parts
titanium before and after.jpg

Whatever your metal post processing needs, let Tech Met work with your team to provide a unique solution to hardware realization and stabilization.

Surface topography pre and post milled on printed Titanium 6:4, 0.001” removal

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