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De-can clean removal
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Surface Milling

Other Metal Fabrication Services

HIP Can Removal

Tech Met has extensive experience in the removal of steel and stainless steel “cans”  from Hot Isostatic Pressed (HIP) and extrusion consolidated components. This is an effective means of can removal for production parts or billets, or even for the recovery of HIP and extrusion consolidated scrap. Removal is done without affecting the underlying alloy component. 

Similar methods may also be used for the removal of tramp metal contamination or surface oxide contamination.  Typical applications include removal of oxides from titanium, steel can removal or removal of steel tooling embedded in Inconel alloy billet end cutoffs.  Complete removal of these contaminants allows the recovery of these high value materials without degradation of their composition.

high temperature alloy chemical milling
titanium alpha case removal, high temperature alloy chemical milling

Stainless steel component shown before and after HIP can removal

HIP Can Removal


passivation stainless steel, alpha case removal

The passivation process returns the stainless steel or other metals back to its original specifications by removing unwanted debris and oils from the surface.  Tech Met is proficient  in the production of passivated surfaces that comply with a variety of industrial specifications including QQ-P-35, ASTM 967, ASTM A380 and other processes. 

Advantages of Passivation

  • Cleanliness

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Uniform Appearance

  • Deburring

  • Longevity

Passivated metal surface on a 300 series stainless steel part

R&D Services

R & D Services
chemical milling, high temperature alloy, thin wall tubing

Many of our customers with great ideas have been turned away by other vendors telling them that "it" can't be done.  Tech Met takes pride in figuring out the impossible.  Tech Met's team of engineers and seasoned technical experts will find a solution to meet your toughest requirements.  With a line dedicated to R&D, prototyping and short runs and staffed with project managers that will go the extra mile.  Tech Met routinely tackles the highly complicated.

Call Tech Met today for a project consult.

Solving the toughest problems and providing quick turn solutions on a dedicated R&D line.

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